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We tailor our approach to match the specific needs of Airline Operators and Maintenance Facilities through prompt and accurate responses to inquiries. We provide a consistent and reliable flow of product to an industry totally focused and dependent on its "AOG" (Aircraft on the Ground) and "Expedite" requirements.

Throughout the years, Azimi Cargo & Logistics has refined its logistical procedures for all kinds of aviation goods. Our broad experience in export / import expedites your spares through customs, and other governmental agencies. There is no substitute for experience and we know the unique requirements of supporting the air industry.

See the below list, where We can be Your only Solution:

  1. Excellent value of all Modes of Transport Provided
  2. Tight Pickup and Delivery Schedule
  3. Creation and Execution of Personalized Delivery Operations
  4. AOG related Cargo Delivery Assistance
  5. Cross Trade Transportation on Time and Every Time
  6. Transportation and Delivery of Special and Extra Sized Aircraft Components (engines, fuselage parts as wings, landing gears, tails, etc.) to far and Complicated Destinations, usually hard to be reached by conventional transport providers.

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