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ACL has a long tradition in shipping and handling foodstuff be it meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs, or other foodstuffs like Fresh, dried, chilled, frozen, canned, or in jars.

Perishable fresh produce is a much-specialized business and one which we are extremely experienced With. With our network of customs clearance links, we are able to control the import of fruit and vegetables throughout whichever port your cargo arrives in the UAE. Fresh fruit and vegetables and their complex documentation and varying duty rulings are a test to the most experienced in the forwarding industry. With our years of experience, we are able to offer advice and information to assist both importers and forwarders alike.

Foodstuff like imports of fish, crayfish, beef, and poultry needs special attention when it comes to shipping it from overseas, customs clearance, and distribution to your warehouse. We have the procedures, knowledge ad routines in place to monitor the temperature of the reefer container on its journey from the loading point to delivery point.