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Azimi Cargo & Logistics recently undertook the necessary steps to become a leading commercial Aviation service & Freight company in UAE. During the past years of this process, we have enjoyed significant growth and have also overcome many challenges. I am very proud to say that we embraced each challenge with professionalism, enthusiasm, and innovation, but most importantly, we did it without compromising safety. For that, I owe each member of the ACL team my sincere gratitude. Safety really is the foundation of our business and it is a promise that we make to each and every one of our customers on a daily basis. Our dedication to it should be acknowledged and celebrated. However, safety is an elusive goal, in as much as it requires constant vigilance, constant review, constant benchmarking and continued learning by each member of ACL. ACL's Core Belief: Safety is the cornerstone of our business and must never be compromised. Without safety we have nothing. We must strive continuously to proactively improve safety each and every day in all corners of the company.

ACL's Primary Goal is to manage the best regional aviation services and Cargo movement in the world. We achieve this by ensuring our customers, employees, and partners have confidence in knowing we are the best. We accomplish this by being innovative in the way we do business. We deliver competitive, reliable, and efficient aviation services and Cargo movement while providing superior employment stability with industry leading initiatives.

ACL's Secondary Goal is to excel at identifying high yield opportunities that complement our core business. ACL aggressively pursues low capital initiatives that provide superior returns when those initiatives complement our core aviation business. We remain ever vigilant to ensure we do not lose focus on our primary goal while pursuing our secondary goal. Our primary and secondary goals are accomplished while staying true to our core beliefs. Safety is the cornerstone that our business is built upon; safety is to be celebrated, as it is the truest gauge of our success.





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